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Smirnoff THE WILDS

Come and take a step into the wild side of Splendour.

Smirnoff are back at #SITG2019 and have just announced the line up for Smirnoff THE WILDS! By day, it’s a laidback chilled space filled with natural beauty where you can explore, experience and connect. When darkness falls and the light fades, it takes on the feeling of a wild woodland with killer DJ’s at full volume.

Each day come and delve into a varied and unexpected musical world with acoustic artists and a DJ line up curated to bring the vibes. With the music booming from midday till late, come with us and take a step into Smirnoff THE WILDS.



Thursday: Cheated Hearts

Cheated Hearts isn’t just a place to party with some of the best up-and-coming DJs on the scene, it’s a way to connect with the queer community and beyond. Aiming to coax brilliant bedroom DJs out onto the stage, CH seeks to not only prioritise newbies, but to platform LGBTIAQ+ talent and people of colour as well.

Friday: Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake Motel’s number one concern is having a damn good time. Screw all the pretentious BS, Rattles brings the most genuine nightclub experience on the Gold Coast every weekend! They have become known as a taste-making club venue, so it’s no question why they were voted the number 1 club on the Gold Coast by the Gold Coast Bulletin. We like to party and if you like to party too, you’ll love Rattlesnake Motel.

Saturday: All My Friends

All My Friends is a Sydney and Tokyo based club night celebrating everything indie & indie-dance.
Established in Sydney in 2010 and expanding to Tokyo Japan in 2015, this will be the second time that All My Friends will be bringing their indie-dance party vibes to Smirnoff THE WILDS at Splendour In The Grass. Where Are Your Friends Tonight?

Sunday: Soko vs TBC vs Revelry

TBC, Revelry and Soko are coming together for one night only, designing a party to get you through your Sunday. Call in sick for Monday because we aim to have you on the dance floor till 2am! To close off the back end of your Splendour and guide you to the finish line, we are bringing together some of the best dance-floor filling DJ’s in the country including Noy, Jordan Burns and a few surprises that will have you wishing Splendour will never have to end! See you Sunday!

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